From the vaults: Turbines (18/12/2009)


This was the first – but would by no means be the last – post on the vexed subject of onshore wind and its misguided, indiscriminate and destructive proliferation. I am not a fan…

The pictures to the left and below were taken a few miles from the centre of the second largest city in the UK. Fewer still from that dismal confluence of the M5 and M6 motorways – the one where we inch, at glacial pace, past Ikea, the RAC control centre, and the great expanse of Network Rail marshalling yards at Bescot. It was taken across the road – literally – from the edge of the West Midlands conurbation.

 So how much would I like to see a couple of strands of wind turbines marching up the line of that ridge and across the neighbouring Walton Hill? Not much at all actually, although it would make sense; more sense than many of the sitings presently being considered for these largely ineffective eyesores. The hills are adjacent to a huge area of consumption and demand; much closer than the Elenydd or any number of proposed locations in the Scottish Highlands.

So why not plaster the Clent Hills, and Waseley and The Lickeys beyond? Maybe the Malverns as well? There’s a lot of ridge to work with between British Camp and North Hill.

 It won’t happen of course, and nor should it. There would be outrage; these hills are visible from the homes of suburbanites who wish to continue leaving their 42″ plasma screens on stand-by. So my hills of home are probably safe; others aren’t and we need to be vigilant.

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