From the vaults: First Snow (25/12/2009)

First Snow

First snow was a bit of a strange affair. The fall was intense but short in duration, and no more than a few centimetres fell. Usually that amount of snow would be gone within a day but – having fallen on already frozen ground and with temperatures remaining low – this relatively trifling amount hung around, even at street level, for almost a full week. As is often the case, the disruption, bordering on chaos at times, was disproportionate to the volume of snow.

Out on the hills it had fallen to a greater depth and as of today there is still decent cover, particularly above about 600 feet; well trodden in places, still pristine in plenty of others. The clear sky suggests that overnight temperatures may remain sufficiently low for it to stick around for a while longer yet.

The mini thaw from the mid-day sun brought shards of accumulated ice tumbling from the beech trees in spectacular showers and the absence of any wind meant that we were never less than comfortably warm when on the move. Idiot that I am, I left the camera at home; another reason to hope for the snow to still be there in a few days’ time.


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