From the vaults: A bit of good news never goes amiss (14/03/2010)

A bit of good news never goes amiss

A regular port of call on my tours of the blogs and websites is Chris Townsend’s outdoor site. Today’s visit was a particularly gratifying one as Chris was the bearer of welcome news in respect of the river Braan.

Many of you will know, some may not, that the Braan is the river which shadows the A822 between Amulree and Dunkeld, feeding the falls at Rumbling Bridge and those below Ossian’s Hall in The Hermitage (an NTS property). Latterly the river has been earmarked for a possible hydro scheme which threatened to severely impact on flows through the falls. The good news is that this proposal has been rejected by the Scottish Executive.

There’s particular resonance for me in this ruling: stretches of this river have been favourites of mine over almost two decades; mostly during holidays in Birnam, Dunkeld and the surrounding area. There will be plenty who, like me, will welcome this decision.

And welcome the implications of it too: suggesting, as it does, that we have a voice which is sometimes heard and that victories are just as possible as setbacks. There will be plenty of other battles ahead.


Picture (upper): The falls of the Braan, the Hermitage near Dunkeld. Final stop on the journey of many a salmon run.

Picture (lower): Younger, fitter, faster – Rob enjoying one of many days spent walking by the Braan.


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