From the vaults: A winter’s tale: one of many… (10/12/2010)

I came across Amanda Copeland’s story in last Sunday’s Observer. It was an item in the Cashsection; a part of the paper I would usually skip past. She, along with her children, is just one of many caught in the perfect storm created when the arbitrariness of government butts up against the dismissive arrogance of the financial services sector. A financial services sector fresh from begging indulgence and double helpings of cash from taxpayers.

We’re all in this together; at least we could be: an unfortunate sequence of circumstances and this could happen to any of us. Or our children…

Interestingly there’s another little item about the same lender (Alliance & Leicester), just a few pages further on in the same issue of the paper. It concerns the “Appalling insensitivity” (the writer’s words, not mine) of their treatment of a woman who was both newly bereaved and a victim of crime.


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