There’s some corner of a highland field…

DSCN0951Just past Whitewell, returning from Glen Einich, I paused to look back towards Braeriach, take a couple of photographs and noticed an item of equipment parked in the corner of the field. I use the catch-all term “item of equipment” to allow some latitude for my lack of knowledge in these matters; although I think this is probably a tractor and that’s as specific as I’m prepared to be.

That said, I do know that there’s a wealth of knowledge out there among the outdoor community. My thing is railways – even old, long disused stretches of the former network, trying to picture how things might have been in their heyday; or the dedicated freight loops where a couple of trains a week fight through the buddleia en route to some surviving remnant of a quarry or colliery. We all have our little idiosyncrasies…

Anyway, all of that aside, zooming in revealed this…


Judging from the tyres, it might still be in use, although the front ones seem to have sunk a little, and the more you zoom the more blemishes are revealed. If its working life is done, it’s got a splendid place to spend its retirement.

4 thoughts on “There’s some corner of a highland field…

  1. Thanks Dave. Great picture of a Ferguson TE 20. There are 16 variables of this model and it’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly which one it is without seeing the serial plate. However I am pretty sure it’s a TE”F” model 20 built between 1951 and 1956. It’s in good nick and it must still be in use because you wouldn’t spend all that money on expensive new front and rear tyres just to have it sunbathing.


    • Thanks, Alan. Imagine the stories some of these pieces of equipment could tell, if only they could speak: the wildcats and pine martens that have crept past during the night; who knows what other things…


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