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Redundant railway siding reclaimed by wild flowers – Kidderminster

“The wild prefaced us, and it will outlive us… The ivy will snake back and unrig our flats and terraces, as it scattered the Roman villas. The sand will drift into our business parks, as it drifted into the brochs of the Iron Age. Our roads will lapse into the land.”

Robert Macfarlane: The Wild Places




Update (Stonelairg)

Following on quickly from the previous post (8th May), a further email arrived today confirming the announcement already covered in this release:


SSE – the outfit who “settled” for £50,000 from the trust – turned over not far shy of £29 Billion according to their most recently published annual report. This £50,000 is additional to the £75,000 already paid to the Scottish government, who had refused to accept the decision of a judicial review and effectively dragged the JMT into financial waters which were simply too deep for them.

I think I’ll probably leave it there…





No, actually… not by any stretch of the imagination. This popped into my inbox a few days back: others may also have received it…

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Let’s play a game where we get together with our cronies and bully a charity; it will tide us over until it’s time to shoot a few unsuspecting birds at point blank range.

This final part of the post was subsequently edited for inappropriate use of language; the lesson being not to post when tired and angry.