Just a thought…

Redundant railway siding reclaimed by wild flowers – Kidderminster

“The wild prefaced us, and it will outlive us… The ivy will snake back and unrig our flats and terraces, as it scattered the Roman villas. The sand will drift into our business parks, as it drifted into the brochs of the Iron Age. Our roads will lapse into the land.”

Robert Macfarlane: The Wild Places





4 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. If only the wild would quickly reclaim the bulldozed roads appearing all over Scotland.

    I’m hoping I have at last been able to post a comment successfully Dave.


  2. Yes, Gibson, I know what you mean. Any need for ‘access’ these days seems to warrant a track wide enough to accommodate an articulated lorry. It seems to me that subtlety and integration into the landscape requires a level of care and stewardship which is simply too much trouble.

    Your comment was waiting in the box for moderation when I logged in, so all good. Thanks.


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