Cyrille Regis

In an age where words like legendary and iconic, get scattered as throwaways, life and mortality sometimes pull us up short and, in so doing, remind us of their correct and appropriate usage. We awoke this morning to the news that one of our finest had passed away: Cyrille Regis – icon, legend, barely begin to tell his story. This is from the club’s official site…

R.I.P Cyrille; we were lucky to have you.




3 thoughts on “Cyrille Regis

  1. I was lucky enough to see him play loads of times at the Hawthorns when I was kid. Immense player and the first I remember idolising in that way where you go to a game just to see him play. What would he be worth today. I never got to meet him but from everything I knew and read he was a wonderful man, completely unchanged by his fame who always had time for everyone, players and fans alike. And having gone through all that prejudice to make it with a smile on his face. Many of today’s overpaid superstars would do well to look at how he behaved on and off the pitch and learn something. RIP Cyrille, I doubt we’ll see your like again, thanks for some wonderful memories from my formative years as a footy fan


  2. Hi Andy, thanks for the comment. He was something quite exceptional and no mistake. I’ve heard a Cyrille story that’s new to me though: it’s from Johan Cruyff’s autobiography and dates back to when he was manager of Ajax; he wanted to sign Cyrille to replace an outgoing striker – Marco van Basten, who was about to leave for Milan. Some compliment, that.


  3. I never knew that either. I’ve watched all the old clips over the past few days. What a striker he was! A sad day loss but he left a great impression and a legacy to be proud of


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