A few days in Ardnamurchan (Part 2)

A week doesn’t allow much time for settling in and there can be a temptation to simply cram in a sequence of ‘whistle-stop’ days; the kind of holiday that can leave you needing a holiday. Thankfully the unexpectedly hot weather helped to crystallise our thinking and there are certainly better things to be doing on a sunny day in Ardnamurchan than spending time in a slow-moving car.

Sanna Bay was enthusiastically endorsed by a number of comments in the visitors book and seemed to be an obvious place to check out as were headed in the direction of Ardnamurchan Point. It (Sanna Bay) is certainly a lovely spot, although we actually preferred Kilmory which we discovered a couple of days later; the ringed plovers nesting in the shingle may have helped to swing that verdict.

There is a lot of coastline footage in the Day 3 selection – little else in fact; an inevitable consequence of holidaying on a relatively small peninsula, with sea lochs and open ocean almost never out of view. For the repetition, I apologise; hopefully the scenery will offer some compensation…

Day 3 – Sanna Bay and Ardnamurchan Point

It took us a couple of days to realise that the deer fence adjacent to the cottage had an access gate for Laga woods, and that the track eventually worked its way up to Loch Laga and beyond. Anyone wanting to see cuckoos, rather than just hear them, could do worse than parking themselves on one of the many rocks which line this path and just waiting a while. The wooden uprights of the deer fence seem to be a favourite spot for them to sit and summon a mate; the noise of their calling gradually abated during the week as they paired up, mated (presumably), and no longer felt the need to attract attention. By Friday there was just a single one – sounding plaintive, and frankly rather desperate.

Having seen Ben Hiant from Glenborrodale, then checked its position on the map, we came to the conclusion that, once the shoulder was reached, views should extend in just about every direction. We weren’t disappointed – even able to pick out the lighthouse at Ardnamurchan point.

Day 4 – Loch Laga and Ben Hiant


Music: Field of Dreams (Title track); The ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen)


4 thoughts on “A few days in Ardnamurchan (Part 2)

  1. Way back in the 70s with my family we took our trailer tent to Ardnamurchan. After two days of solid rain my late wife Ann, who was prone to sweeping decisions, announced, rather than mooted that we should depart for Cornwall to find some sum – I did not protest. I remember folding up the sopping canvas of the trailer tent whilst a couple in a top of the range caravan watched us though their panoramic window. That was in our family jargon a “pop-poop moment” for me – ref. Toad lying in the ditch after being sideswiped in his caravan by a motor car muttering “poop-poop” in awe of the car – caravans were history, but for me a caravan was going to be my next acquisition. We had the remainder of two weeks glorious sunshine at Slapton on the south coast.

    I did visit Ardnamurchan again in later years in glorious weather and have fond memories.


  2. We’d travelled and arrived in the kind of weather we don’t often get when heading north, and although it was supposedly set in for a few days we weren’t convinced it would hold out. So we just took the week on a ‘one day at a time’ basis and that probably worked out for the best.

    Our holidays in Scotland can sometimes be an exercise in cramming in as many of the old favourites as is possible, while at the same time trying to explore some new spots. The plan is to be a bit more selective this year; we’ll see how that pans out!


  3. So lucky to see the area in such glorious weather. Some of that coastline is to die for. I can imagine taking my kayak out and just paddling around all the bays and inlets mixed with some hikes over the wild hills. Coastal mountains can’t be beaten. Superb stuff!


  4. Hi Conrad, and apologies for the delay in responding. Having made the decision and then the journey from Ardnamurchan to the south west of England you deserved some good weather.

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