About the blog title

What is the Oss Road? Just the road, the street, the lane outside your door. Or someone else’s. It’s an old blackcountry expression, deriving from the fact that horses are known locally as ‘osses. I can remember when it was still not unknown for milk carts, coal trucks and brewers’ drays to be horse-drawn. One generation further back and it would have been very much the norm.

About the header picture

The shortest railway branch line in the UK runs between Stourbridge Town (pictured) and Stourbridge Junction; it is also claimed to be the shortest in Europe. The town station was pictured on a winter’s day in December 2017, shortly after the first snow of the year.

About the blogger

Soundtrack to my life: We all have one; Leonard Cohen has contributed more than most to mine. Right to the very end the genius never abated; listen to You want it darker – it just might be that the last thing he ever did is the best thing he ever did.

Best Albums: Revolver; New York (Lou Reed); Avalon (and, yes, Ferry is a complete tool); The ghost of Tom Joad, but really any of a number of Springsteen’s albums; You want it darker, or The future

Books: The Grapes of wrath; About this Life (Barry Lopez); The Living Mountain; Spirits of Place; to name just a few…

Films: Local Hero (by a distance); Godfather II; Heat… Need somebody to explain the appeal of Mulholland Drive which escapes me.

Politics: Centre-left pragmatist; unashamed Remainer; disenfranchised and unrepresented; an endangered species. Absolutely convinced that Brexit was, and remains, and will continue to evolve into an unmitigated disaster.

Team: West Bromwich Albion  – The Baggies: non-negotiable; some bargains are for life.